Canterris rose canned wine

Canterris’ Rosé Wine

Canterris Rosé Wine from Colterris in the Grand Valley AVA of Colorado

Serious Colorado Canned Rosé Wine

Colterris has made a canned rosé wine, as well as vintage wine, from some of the best vineyards in Colorado!  Recently Colterris bought the Canyon Wind vineyards in Palisade, Colorado to add to its already impressive vineyard portfolio.  It would be very hard to dispute that these are the best vineyards in Colorado.  There are other good vineyards, yes, but the positioning of these vineyards at the mouth of the DeBeque Canyon protects it from winter kill. The vines are now decades old and boast proven quality and thick sturdy trunks.  Just three years ago, I tasted vintages from these vineyards produced back into the early 90’s and Merlot produced then was showing great holding power.  The fruit was intact and still luscious.  Most of the vines of these vineyards are Cabernet Sauvignon at the present, and in the sunlight of a 4,600ft altitude, they produce a Cab from Colorado that is, well, rich and ultra deep in phenolics.  I have a relationship with these Cabs from the 90s and can testify to their potential.

Canned rosé wine?   Scandalous!

Put these wines in a can? Scandalous!  But wait.  Of course, not all of the crop goes into a can.  There are and will be special bottlings of this Cab for years to come that will further excite their fans with the skills of new and notable winemakers.  We can’t wait.

We notice in this can what I have observed is an increasing trend: namely, making Cab into a Rosé.  Rosé can be very good, and this rosé in a can is no exception.  It differs in flavors from the Rosés of Southern France — the grapes being different, of course.  But if you have read my previous blog, this is very good wine in a well engineered packaging that does not dilute or change the nature of the wine.  It’s a disappointment to be offered or sold a rosé wine in a can only to find it to be a fizzy drink.  Forget your assumptions and experience a rosé that is refreshing and wonderful, to put it simply and correctly.

This canned Rosé wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon

A touch of color and delicate aromas flag you of the wine’s message.  It’s a wine that builds in excitement.  The mouthfeel is of a silky acid — a welcome refreshing marriage of acid and fine texture — while the flavors build.  Red berries and cherries rise to a crescendo on the finish.  And if you wonder where this came from, a slight gravel minerality and a hint of something darker — just a hint — may lead you to the sources: Cabernet Sauvignon from Colorado’s high altitude sunlight.

Rating:  86-87

Emotional rating:  A wine to be enjoyed on top a fourteener — or you could settle for you deck!  Take this wine anywhere and you will feel the trigger of happy emotions.

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