Emotion Is a Mental State

Those who attended the 2013 IPNC in McMinnville, OR experienced a range of positive emotions stimulated by fine wine and cuisine.

Those of us who attended the 2013 IPNC (International Pinot Noir Celebration) in McMinnville, OR experienced a mental state of delight and a range of positive emotions stimulated by beautiful scenery, fine wine and cuisine along with excellence in service.

Emotion is a mental state experienced instantly when we are stimulated from outside of ourselves by such things as the site of a brilliant wine, for instance, or the expectations of our thoughts.  I’d prefer no one tell me anything about the wine I am about to taste.  Whatever they tell me produces an automatic response that can be hard to ignore.  I want the wine to present itself to me without my having to battle thoughts and feelings whether good or bad.  Even the knowledge of where it comes from can be distracting and precondition my mind.  It’s in the mind that we taste, really.  Therefore, try to keep your mind clear of comments and expectations.

Having other tasters around you who are talking about the wine is not helpful.  I once stood in a tasting room and was horrified by all the banter that was going on about the wines.  No one can shut out all the noise, and noise alone can disturb our thoughts and feelings, let alone that the noise was made up of comments about the wines as they were being tasted.

Noise itself can arouse emotions.  The greatest tasters are sensitive, which means they are sensitive to all that is in their environment.  In important competitions, the conditions created for the tasters and imposed upon them are strict.  When you taste at home, you can ask for no comments until you taste.  Then keep your mind open to the influences of the wine and what it wants to tell you.  Wine will speak to you.  Listen with all your senses and break its message down into understandable segments.  Emotional analysis is all about sensitive evaluations.  Listen to your emotions as you concentrate your senses.

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