Llano Estacado winery

Llano Estacado Mourvèdre

Llano Estacado Mourvèdre Mont Sec Vineyards, 2015 Texas

Texas has some plantings of Mourvèdre and the grape can do well here in this warm southern climate.  Llano Estacado, one of the largest wineries in Texas, produces some excellent wines.  This one, with an alcohol level of 13.7%, was not left to hang overly long and presents a Mourvèdre that is lighter than many. But it excels in the array of delicate flavors that waft from the swirled glass.  First, there are the deep dark flavors that set the base, like boysenberry, a hint of blackberry, and loads of black cherry.  Then lightly, some herbal notes emerge.  And  finally, the oak flavors of leather, smoke and a hint of the more exotic, very dark chocolate.

Llano Estacado Mourvèdre provides a synchronous journey

The wine is made so that the aroma, palate and finish are a synchronous journey of each, reinforcing the same complex makeup of the wine.

In comparison to Spain, Mourvèdre is grown in very small quantity in the US. It is called Monastrell in Spain and Mataro in Australia, so don’t look for Mourvedre in Spain.  You will find it in many blends, and especially in the blend critically called GSM.

This Texas Mourvèdre will delight you in a comparison to Spanish, French and Australian examples.  A great evening would be the educational comparison of the wine from all four countries.

Rating:  88-89

Emotional rating:  stirs the lighter senses and yet ventures into the deeper emotional memories of dark wines.

Availability wide and also available from the winery.

Alcohol 13,7%

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