Becker Vineyards' "Raven"

Grapes From a Varied Region and a Notable Winery – Becker Vineyards

Notable Becker Vineyards and Winery  

As you travel east on the Highway 290 Wine Trail out of Fredericksburg, you will need to watch for the sign informing you to turn right toward the notable Becker Vineyards and Winery.  The road to nowhere is what it suddenly feels like.  An imposing entrance?  No!  But wait.  After a short distance, Petite Sirah vines greet you on the right, followed by Syrah and then a small sign that simply tells visitors to turn right and follow a short dirt road.  Follow it to your palate’s reward.  At last, an imposing structure, fields of lavender, and more vineyards stretch to the rear of the winery.

Both finesse and power in the notable Becker Vineyards wines

Some wineries focus on wines of finesse and others on wines of power and boldness.  This winery does both.  If you have tasted at many Texas wineries, you will have encountered average to below average wines — green on the edges and, for a wine evaluator,  disappointments.  Not here at Becker.  Your opinion of Texas wines will escalate as you encounter whites and reds of excellent quality and appeal.

The owner’s favorite

“Raven” is the owner’s favorite and I agree.  It is a wine that can stand with quality wines from around the globe.  It is full and bold with defined and undefined flavors.  A wine will often have flavors that marry so well with other flavors that the demarkation line is hard to find.  The tannins and fruit are sufficient, indicating the wine has a future.  Texas is still young in terms of a serious wine history. Finding the right location and the best vineyard practices for the vines is an ongoing exercise.  Mediterranean grapes do well here, but they produce wines that should be measured against standards of quality rather than the expectations of their home soils.  Standard grapes like Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, and Chardonnay also show well and may produce some outstanding wines.  So, don’t think of Texas as Mediterranean varietals only.  The limestone influence in the Hill Country and the cooler nights of the high plains are places to watch, as well as new areas around the Guadalupe Mountains.

Both the whites and reds are well made, and all the wines of this winery would rate good to excellent, as a previous blog featured what may be the winery’s best wine yet.

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