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Canned Wine: Serious Colorado Wine

Canterris’ White Wine from Colterris in the Grand Valley AVA, Colorado

Wine comes in bottles, right?  Right.  But when you are picnicking or hiking, or when for some other reason the bottle is not the best container, why not a canned wine?

Well, no cans please.

  • A can may change the flavor of the wine.
  • All wines in cans are inferior products.
  • You can’t see the wine and appreciate it for its inspirational aesthetics — its color, for example.

Can you think of more reasons why a wine should not be in a can?

What if:  the wine is real, serious wine — in fact, great win?

What if: It’s not just a wine, but one that would rate an 86 on Wine Spectator’s scale?

What if: The can is lined to preserve the quality and taste of the wine? And what if it were tested and found to be more than adequate?

What if, in fact: The can presents wine with the same integrity that a bottle does?

What if: You can pour the can into a glass and magically see its beauty and reveal its “glorious robe,” as the French put it?

A can and a process for a wine lover to love

Yes, Canterris has engineered a can and a process that is all any wine lover (one whose bias does not prohibit anything that is not conventional) would love.  You just must have some of this for that occasion where packing a can with an ice pack is much more to the point than packing a bottle. Or choose this option when you just want a can and a glass beside you with some cheese and the wine’s best accompaniments for a new experience of wine in changing technical world.

This can is ingeniously engineered wine packaging. But pressure is needed to keep the can from collapsing, so what’s the additive Colterris has included in the Canterris product?  Carbonation?  No.  Other canned wines use carbonation, but Canterris uses a shot of nitrogen, which both excludes the air and maintains a still wine rather than producing a carbonated one.  Let’s say it again: this is a serious wine of significant appeal. It is made without carbonation. And all the grapes are from Colorado!

Wine in a can has come of age

A mellow display of lemon, pineapple and quince rise enthusiastically to greet you from the Canterris White Wine.  The blend of Pinot Gris at 56%, Chardonnay at 28%, with 16% of the higher acid Sauvignon Blanc makes for an acidity that is fresh but not over the top.  This is a sipping wine and a food wine.  You could serve it as an aperitif or with many light dishes for a serious complement.  The lively mouthfeel cuts through a dish’s excess fat and richness and leaves a clean, fruity experience that journeys all the way to a full and lingering finish.

Wine in a can has at last come of age. This is really serious wine, totally Colorado grown and packaged. Celebrate after you taste it — and you should.

Rating:  86

Emotional rating:  After backpacking into the Colorado high country — exuberant emotions!

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