Spicewood Vineyards event center

Sauvignon Blanc from TEXAS?

Spicewood 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

A Sauvignon Blanc of note, this one loves the minerals of these limestone-based vineyards.  Together with the typical verve and liveliness of this grape when made into a wine, minerality adds to its refreshing appeal.

Sauvignon Blanc Produced in the Texas Hill Country

This example from the Texas Hill Country is piercing in its aromatic attack — as is expected from this variety — but not overly so.  It stylishly combines stone fruit aromas with hints of guava and white peach, with lemon and grapefruit as a base.  It is one of the most impressive Sauvignon Blancs from Texas wineries that I have encountered.

Sauvignon Blanc really became recognized worldwide when New Zealand’s wine industry began with their outstanding expression of the grape.  As a fan of the Kiwi’s style, I tend to be a bit biased when it comes to the wine, but this one caught my attention.

A Venue Worth a Visit

Spicewood Vineyards Event CenterSpicewood is known for well made wines and it’s is a winery to watch.

Visit the winery and be treated to some Texas hospitality!  It’s a beautiful setting, day or night.



Rating:  88

Emotional rating: very high for a medium weight, refreshing white.

Availability:  Winery

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