A Welcome from C. S. Vin

The natural process of grape to wine fascinates me.  I come to the cropped-Three-colors-of-wine-400px-wide.jpgsubject with experience in tasting wines and in teaching how to taste them.  My first training in wine was in German wines (which I love to this day),  then in French wines, and finally with an emphasis on New World wines.  I like to think of myself as an educated consumer and educator about wine.  My profession is writing and teaching in the field of emotion, and wine and emotion are inseparable.  I hope to post entries weekly about experiencing wine and all the aspects of understanding that it implies.  I hope you will educate your enjoyment of wine and appreciate the wonder of one of nature’s miracles all the more.  Join me for wine adventures, for the way emotion tastes a wine, and for an increasing knowledge of this drink.  Life, from religion to simple pleasures, is infused with the added experience of wine.

I look forward to your comments whenever you visit.

C. S. Vin

4 thoughts on “A Welcome from C. S. Vin

  1. Craig Daugherty

    It was a pleasure to meet you at Pheasant Ridge Winery just north of Lubbock today. I hope to have an opportunity to visit with you sometime in the near future.

  2. C. S. Vin Post author

    You will need to purchase the rights to that photo from iPhoto.com. I cannot grant the permission. I had to purchase the right to use it too.

  3. Padraic Dunne

    Dear C.S.,
    Can we use the image of wine glasses against open fire in a small writing mag in Ireland? Pat

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