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Wine Acid Levels – Personal Preference

A level of wine acid that the taster appreciates is perhaps one of the most personal factors in wine appreciation.  It has a lot to do with our memories of acidic tastes from other foods and how we reacted to them in the past.  We taste with our memories and the emotions embedded in them.  And wine acidity affectsWinemakers have their own individual standard for wine acid levels and that tells another story.

Wine acids too high or acids too low:

People often have a favorite winery and the typical acid level in the winery’s product is one of the definitive factors in winery loyalty.  Acid levels impact the freshness of the wine and the expression of the aromas.  Those who like high acid levels benefit from these results and those who love low levels benefit from softer wines.  Both extremes play with danger.  Wine acid levels that are too high may hold the threat of vinegar flavors for some.  An acid level that is too low produces a wine may be flabby.

Wine acid balance

Acids can make or destroy the wine.  The fine balance of acids in the making of the wine means the winemaker achieves freshness and vibrancy or a softer wine.  Many decisions must be made.   Picking at the right time and deciding whether to add acid or take it away are at the forefront of a winemaker’s decisions.

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