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The Wine: Malbec – An Interesting Expression

Creekside Cellars’, Grand Valley AVA

Malbec has a distinct reputation. Based on consistently offered and often ‘popular’ wine expressions, specific grapes tend to take on ‘expected’ characteristics that can mislead us into expectations that will limit our experiences.  If your taste expectations are open to adventure, the Malbec we are about to discuss will take you to a beautiful and less common expression of this wine grape.

The Wine’s Nose:

The dark side of black currant and the depth of its blackberry form a firm base to this wine.  Floral tones of violet are a pleasant surprise.  Oak tones of vanilla and toast add a complexity that makes this wine fuller than the alcohol percentage of 13.8 would indicate.

The Wine’s Body:

As with many well-made, medium to full bodied red wines (not judged by the alcoholic content but by the fulness of flavor and the wine’s weight), the aromas transform themselves into a few more notable flavors on the palate.  Dark chocolate dominates in this luscious experience of chocolate and blackberry, deep fruit and rich oak.  A smooth creamy texture owes most of its creaminess to the blend of flavors and balance of the mouthfeel.

The Wine’s Finish:

The finish is long and the tannins can do with more time to fully integrate.  This fact indicates that the wine has some good days ahead.

Beautiful Wine Expression, But Not the Typical Malbec

But what is so notable in this wine is the expression of the Malbec grape.  Neither Cot (the name for the French Malbec) nor the Argentinian version of the grape are where this Grand Valley expression has gone.  Expressive, yet it displays a reserve, offering its flavors slowly from opening to a day later.  Malbec has a name for being a rough or earthy red, but this wine  dismisses that reputation and shows how delicate such a wine can be.

Rating:  89-90

Emotional rating:  better a day later than on the first day, but engaging.

Availability:  From the winery.

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