A True-to-Character Rosé

Glass of rose with vintage books and pearls.
1851 Vineyards, LOC Rosé, 12.5% Alcohol, Texas High Plains 

What more could you ask for in a Rosé?

Everything you could ask for in a Rosé and more, this wine is pleasing, refreshing, light, not too viscous, but still possessing a fullness that satisfies.  And it has enough complexity to make it interesting — beautifully balanced, delicate, not so acid-driven that the flavors are lost.  Furthermore, it’s velvety, attractive, with a subtle emotional appeal.  This adds up to just the right experience.  And its right balance of Grenache — the go-to grape for Rosé — will do it.

Just the right amount of fruitiness and character

Southern France made Rosés popular, and Grenache (with a touch of color and phenolics bled from its skins) adds just the right amount of fruitiness and character to make this a wine to drink with pleasure in the company of friends.

The aromas greet us

Lemon, ripe melon, and a hint of Grenache’s dried strawberry and Ruby Red Grapefruit aromas greet us — and gently, too, at 12.5% alcohol.  Maybe we can detect a little orange blossom and a slight minerality that reminds us of Provence’s Rosés.  You will have 1851 Vineyards and Dabs Holloman’s palate to thank for this true-to-character Rosé.

This wine was tasted and evaluated at 59 degrees, so if you love Rosés, don’t drink them too cold or too warm.  They will offer their best at around this temperature.  

I would confidently give this wine an 89 rating.  

C.S. Vin 1-17-19

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