This Texas Chardonnay Writes a Surprising Story

Texas Hills Vineyards‘ 2016 Chardonnay Estate (Texas Hill Country) 13.5% Alcohol

This Texas Chardonnay is an exception

Your surprising experience will unfold from start to finish as you savor this wine.  A noteworthy Texas Chardonnay is in itself a surprise.  Texas is not noted for its Chardonnays — bar a few exceptions.  This is one of those exceptions.

Begin your surprising experience here

A full, ripe aroma confirms what you saw in that brilliant golden hue.  It offers ripe apple and pear aromas on a  clean, lemony base with reminders of rose scents, too — and if you concentrate, a hint of butter.  

Continue the experience as you taste

Then, you taste. On your palate, the vibrancy of its acids come through and they build, keeping the wine fresh and lively all the way to a long, pleasing, cleansing finish.   This is a wine that will cut the fat of a wonderful, rich salmon dish or a full-fat cheese.  Surprising?  Yes!  And one seldom finds such a cleansing palate in this variety while still maintaining these full flavors.  The richer the Chardonnay, the more freshness it needs, and this Chardonnay has been well crafted.  

But there’s more.  Note: the taste is full and soft like the aroma, but it lasts and lasts as it coats your mouth.  It is what a Chardonnay should be: acids kept to complement the extraction of flavors while also presenting a full texture.  

Compare it with confidence

Compare it to a Californian Chardonnay and it is different.  It says to you, “This is me!  I’m from the Texas hills and you will never experience the same in other Chardonnays.”  Overall, it is an attractive wine.  And those who want to know what Texas is capable of achieving with this variety in the hands of a deft winemaker should taste this wine.  

Smooth but lively, it will awaken your senses any day of the year.  The surprise is that it comes from the hands and the soils of an unlikely place.  The reasons for this success is yet another story.  

Rating:  88 (This wine will keep and open up more with a little age).  

C.S. Vin   2-18-19

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