A Welcome from C. S. Vin

The natural process of grape to wine fascinates me.  I come to the cropped-Three-colors-of-wine-400px-wide.jpgsubject with experience in tasting wines and in teaching how to taste them.  My first training in wine was in German wines (which I love to this day),  then in French wines, and finally with an emphasis on New World wines.  I like to think of myself as an educated consumer and educator about wine.  My profession is writing and teaching in the field of emotion, and wine and emotion are inseparable.  I hope to post entries weekly about experiencing wine and all the aspects of understanding that it implies.  I hope you will educate your enjoyment of wine and appreciate the wonder of one of nature’s miracles all the more.  Join me for wine adventures, for the way emotion tastes a wine, and for an increasing knowledge of this drink.  Life, from religion to simple pleasures, is infused with the added experience of wine.

I look forward to your comments whenever you visit.

C. S. Vin

4 thoughts on “A Welcome from C. S. Vin

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you at Pheasant Ridge Winery just north of Lubbock today. I hope to have an opportunity to visit with you sometime in the near future.

  2. You will need to purchase the rights to that photo from iPhoto.com. I cannot grant the permission. I had to purchase the right to use it too.

  3. Dear C.S.,
    Can we use the image of wine glasses against open fire in a small writing mag in Ireland? Pat

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