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Sometimes it is helpful to have a guide when you are beginning a journey into less familiar territory.  It would be my pleasure to help you discover the many complexities of wine and the extraordinary experiences that await you in the world of wine.  With that thought in mind, consider the options you’ll find here, which will grow as time passes.


Experiencing Wine's Wonders Cover

Become your own evaluator and identify the wines you’ll love. Take this course in wine evaluation that will make YOU your own expert!

Cover image of Experiencing Colorado Wine, Volume 1 - The Dry Red Wines

Journey with C. S. Vin through Colorado Wine Country and experience the flavors and exciting wines produced by Colorado winemakers from the unique high country terroir. Learn about the characteristics of the extraordinary AVAs represented, meet winery owners, vineyard owners, and winemakers to get their take on what gives Colorado wine such exciting potential and has captured awards far and wide for Colorado wines. Meet chefs from five-star restaurants and get their recipes that pair perfectly with Colorado wines.

Cover Image - Experiencing Colorado Wine, Volume 2 - The Whites and RosésWhite-Cover-We

C. S. Vin introduces you to the best of Colorado’s white and rosé wines. White wines are reputed to be more difficult to make with success, but Colorado has produced a Riesling that was judged best in the world in its class. Learn about that and other exceptional wines that the Colorado AVAs are producing and are capable of producing – and why Colorado can do this successfully. Meet the winery owners and winemakers and experience Colorado’s extraordinary high country whites and rosés.































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